Address Riccius-Winter PartGmbB
Free Architects
Weimarer Str. 6
10625 Berlin
+49 (0)30 85 73 09 02
+49 (0)30 85 73 09 06
Occupational Designation Riccius-Winter Freie Architekten PartGmbB is a registered partnership in the register of professional associations of the Architektenkammer Berlin (Register Nr. PG 196).
The partners Tanja Riccius and Carsten Winter are registered members of the Architektenkammer Berlin (registration number 04057 and 06037).
This results in the authorization to use the professional title.
Partner: Dipl.-Ing. Tanja Riccius (authorized representative)
Dipl.-Ing. Carsten Winter (authorized representative)
Tax Number 13/491/64086
Tax Office Berlin Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf
Architects' Chamber, Berlin
Corporation of Public Law
Alte Jakobstraße 149
10969 Berlin
The regulations are available at the Architects’ Chamber Berlin:

Berliner Architects’ and Building Chamber Law (ABKG)

Articles of the Architects’ Chamber Berlin

Principles Governing the Profession by the Architects’ Chamber Berlin

Membership Fees of the Architect’s Chamber Berlin

Directives on Obtaining the Fees through thee Architects’ Chamber Berlin

Arbitration Procedures of the Architects’ Chamber Berlin

Experts’ Order of the Architects’ Chamber Berlin

Electoral Rules for the Elections of the Representative Council Meeting of the Architects’ Chamber Berlin
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